Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Quiet House Adventures...Meditating on Psalm 103

Okay I guess I need to show you what the house looked like and how it contributed to the awesomeness of staying in "silence" for the time I did.

Front of the House
Love this scripture that is above the front door.
So I walked in and was not disappointed...

Great Room

So I walked in and William gave me the grand tour. 

View of bedroom from great room
stairs or really ladder to the loft from the bedroom

Kitchen/ Breakfast room/ Reading Nook
Close up of Reading Nook
Reading Nook was awesome at night. You just turned on the outside flood lights and you could continue to watch the deer and animals outside..It was also awesome sitting there my second night during one very wild Thunderstorm :-) 

Here is the view from the loft. You get to see the great room and on the other side, the hillside complete with a fabulous rock Cross. 

Up in the loft you had cushions all around and it was also a great place to read as well as just sit and pray.

Awesome prayer bench with view of outside
Fireplace wasn't usable unfortunately, fire ban, but how cool that it had a sky light at its top. It made great sound effects from the rain. 

The floors were cut stone. Great colors and textures.

It was getting late when I arrived so had to go ahead and unpack my food and fix my dinner. Then I had a great time of worship...yes I cheated and took my music and tiny speakers so I could "listen" to someone other than me sing :-) 

First Song/ Album I cranked up was
First Soundtrack
I truly wanted to be authentic in my retreat as I started... um yeah it didn't last beyond 15 minutes. So I cranked out one of my oldie faves from college years. I love this album...
it has such great scripture songs.

Then I sat down with my journal and my Bible and started working on listening.
The scripture that I sat with that night was: Psalm 103
you can read it here...if you don't have your Bible handy.

I loved sitting with this. There is so much in the Psalms anyway to be affirmed by what God says to us but also just to use it to praise Him was also great.

Much more to share...but I will end for now...

By the way, what is your favorite Psalm and why?

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