Friday, October 14, 2011

First Day Of Quiet House Retreat

It all started Here and let me just say I was a bit worried about my car getting through all this water…now it looks okay on the car in front of me…but this is a river bed and there are dips and hollow areas…and the water gets DEEPER.. and I don’t have a 4 wheel drive ..its a Honda Accord for pity's sake! Um not exactly built for offroading. But the camp director assured me that it was going to be okay that it wasn’t too deep and he was behind me in his 4 wheel drive off road big 'ol truck just in case my engine stalled..seriously. So the adventure began…(insert smile here)

No rewind…the adventure began when I entered the camp and there was a sign that read make sure care is in low gear, steep incline ahead. Okay I thought , bring it on! After all I am used to the NC mtns and riding off roads up there. So let just say it was a WAHOO moment as I shifted down to 1st gear to slow things down. This was fun….now back to the above part of the story.

So after a knuckle whitening ¼ mile drive I made it. And then we reached the lodge and I got to load all my stuff into the directors truck for the rest of the trek up the trail. After apologizing for all my stuff, which by the way Dad he said it was fine and he had seriously seen a ton more that I was fine. See F I N E …not too much. (smiling at my Dad)

Alright I made it to the house…all I had to say was WOW! I am loving this! It was even more than I had imagined. So I got unpacked and settled in. Then I went outside to feed the deer and fill the bird feeders. The director said as soon as I put out the deer corn they would come and boy was he right, just like little dogs.

So after this start to the day, I got myself situated and started to settle in for the night.

Looking forward to the night and day ahead....

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