Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anticipating Silence

Okay I have already written about my quiet retreat and it starts tomorrow afternoon. While I would like to think silence isn't "deafening" to me I am thinking I might just be proven wrong this weekend. But the whole point of this retreat is to truly live out the Psalm 46:10. In particular the "Be Still" part and to know Him.
Have you ever thought about all the noise we have around us ..constantly? I have to admit I have to have some white noise to sleep by...crazy I know but I have tested the no noise at my grandmothers before..she lived in the traffic or other city noises around. And it was "deafening". I always had to go and grab a floor fan and turn it on, yes even in the dead of winter, so I could sleep.
My prayer is that while the silence might be "deafening" to me I pray that His voice will be equally as loud.
Here's a challenge...try the "no media" thing some day when you can. Turn off the TV, computer, cellphone, etc. I would love to hear what you learned from the experience.

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