Monday, October 25, 2010

the Unexpected Laugh

Almost every Monday our Discipleship Staff which is comprised of our boss and all of the age group ministers at my church gather to do everything from evaluating Sundays to planning, discussing books we are reading and prepping for upcoming events, etc. Many of our staff have been here for ten plus years some of us are "newbies" of six year tenure. (smile) Almost every time we meet there is ALWAYS the unexpected comment or side note that just brings the laugh.

So what does the picture have to do with staff mtgs?? Explanation below:

Well today's meeting was no different...there was so much random discussion going on about whether or not someone should have email sent to their phone and the benefits of it and the fact that their smartphone should be able to do it etc. Then the comments started from our non-smartphone using staff members.. about their phones...the one that caught me off guard was the "confession" that one of our staff member's phone was such a "non" smart phone it had a rotary dial. And I just lost it...and while it deserved a snort of laughter, I did resist the non-ladylike urge. By the way did you know there were rotary cellphones...about six years ago??

So when you are caught off guard by a laugh, you snort? Just for fun here is a take on different types of laughs from Mary Poppins.

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