Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Your Typical Sunday Morning....aka being Greeted By Yellow Police Tape

Well the fun started at 6:50 AM Sunday morning as I opened my garage door to back out and go to work. What greeted me were 2 police cars with lights flashing blocking my driveway along with crime scene yellow tape. Its very surreal looking at YOUR driveway and seeing all this going down, especially in a suburban neighborhood. Anyway, as I get out of my car I notice they are also starting to tie up blue tarp to block the section of the alley behind my fence. Obviously there was something there that they didn't want anyone to see. So the police officer that greeted me as I got out of my car told me that there was a dead body in the alley behind my fence. Seriously???!? This was one of my neighbors boyfriend. It is amazing how my wannabe detective self started kicking in. My mind started playing back all the sounds I heard that morning. Realizing that I had heard a really loud scraping sound earlier that morning. It was so loud I thought someone was trying to break in. And then I tried to remember times, etc. I know I have watched way too many crime shows.
Later that night as my imagination was creating all kinds of scenarios and thinking I am going to have all kinds of trouble going to sleep, I called my very wise dad and he encouraged me to call the police office and see if I could find out more information. So I followed his advice and found out it was a suspected suicide. I still don't have all the details and me and my other neighbor still don't know which family has been affected on our block. We are trying to find out and I am trying to find ways we can help them and be there for them. But if God brings it to your mind, please pray for this family and their friends that have been affected by this death. Suicide is so devastating especially if they didn't suspect anything was wrong.
It made me wonder at our society once again, do we truly care enough about the people around us to butt in to their isolation? To care enough to make sure they are okay. Our world today promotes isolation with all the social media, email, etc. People really don't have to have personal interaction with others if they don't want to. And bullying of children and teens makes it even more important to start noticing behaviors. If you know anyone that is seemingly more isolated, less connected with friends and family, not communicating, not socializing, start checking up on them. Find out what is going on with them, bug them and work with them to help get them back into the swing of life. If they need professional help, i.e. you feel they are deep in their depression, contact a licensed counselor or minister that can get them help. But most of all don't give up being there for them. And again, this isn't limited to adults. Teens and children experience these behaviors in alarming rates. A great website with basic info on warning signs, how to get help etc. is http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/


Amy M. said...

EXCELLENT post about caring enough! Having had suicide touch our family in huge way(s), I'm wholeheartedly agreeing with everything you said.
People, "BUTT IN!" At worst, you'll tick somebody off for a while, - at MOST, you'll save a LIFE.
Please, Butt In!

Sherry said...

thanks Amy! And you are right, we all need to pay attention and butt in and risk "ticking someone off" as you said. Suicide has touched my family too and its a sad thing to deal with. For me you keep thinking over and over how could you have helped to avoid this.
hugs to you my friend