Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pictures from Recent Trip Home

My pictures ended up in reverse order...the first shots of downtown Edenton (where my Mom grew up) Were some of my last pics before I started my journey home.
A not so great shot of downtown Edenton.. my mom and I got away for the afternoon after cleaning out my Grandmother's things from the nursing home. That was much more emotional than I anticipated it to my mom suggested we come down the road and walk around the waterfront.

My Grandmother's Resting Place
Her flowers were gorgeous. She is surrounded by family, literally. Everywhere you turn in here is a cousin, Great Grandad, Great Grandma, Great Aunt, Great Uncle, etc. Whew! But I love seeing names of people that I have heard about all of my life.

The Cotton is blooming... I love it when its all ripe for harvest reminds me of snow.Cotton Fields..
My Mama and Daddy
The Waterfront, Downtown Edenton, my mom lived on Queen street as a little girl. Its about 4 blocks west of this street. A little history, Edenton dates back to Colonial days and was the first Capitol of North Carolina. The ladies of Edenton also staged a tea party before the Boston tea party took place.

I don't know why...but I have always liked these trees...
I think its because they have been battered and blown about, but still stand.
My Aunt loved to feed the ducks downtown

The restoration of the Roanoke River Lighthouse
The Porch and back view of Barker House
Edenton's Visitor Center

The front Side of Barker House. They have added two new Cannons since my last visit. The Cannons were recently discovered and restored. They are from the Civil War.

My running around buddy the day of the funeral, my little cousin W. We were trying to help his daddy "wear him out" before his ride home.
W. being silly and goofy...of COURSE we all loved it :-)

My brother and W playing Peep Eye...hilarious

My mom and W. He added much needed joy and laughter for the day

As my Mom said he was the reminder of hope and continuation of life. I just know he wore me out that afternoon chasing him around the church. It was a blast. And of course you can tell he was enjoying the chase.

My brother and sister n law. Loved being able to spend time with both of them.

My Cousins Jason and and his sweet Mama Arlene. I have missed laughing and spending time with them. Jason played the organ for my Grandmother's Funeral. So sad that I didn't get to hear him play more that day. Super talented.

My Grandmother S., not liking me trying to take her picture.

Almost all of the boys from my Dads family...missing my nephew Stephen ,Uncle Jim and my cousin Steven. Oh and by the way if you are ever driving through the northeastern portions of NC and you have a little bit of a lead foot, you might just end up running into my cousin W (bottom left) he's a highway patrolman... :-)
There were many more pics taken, but I promised on threat of death not to put them out into cyberspace for all the world to see...
We had a great time celebrating my Grandma Harrell's life and catching up with my extended and immediate family. She would have loved all the laughter, conversation and memory making from the day. I am afraid that many of them I won't see again this side of Heaven so I am very thankful for the time I got to speak and see them.