Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Mind Getting Your Hands Dirty?

There are many pictures from our week in Guatemala that I love, but I have to say I love this one a bunch! Why? Because it shows Mr. Larry's heart and his love for these kiddoes. He didn't mind a bit that he was painting fingernails; which isn't considered to be a very manly thing to do in our world. But this was Mr. Larry's way to be Jesus to this little girl, to love on her and give her loving touches. Which many of these little girls and boys' didn't grow up experiencing. He did many things that week to be Jesus to many children. For instance we called him the candy man before the week was out cause he always had life savors or something like that in his pockets. I am thankful for Mr. Larry and all my fellow team members from that week for getting their hands dirty loving on kiddoes and being Jesus for a week that will forever be branded in my memory.
So... what are you doing to get your hands dirty to serve others in Jesus' name?

(By the way this is another favorite pic of Mr. Larry from that week.
He's receiving sticky kisses from little Miss Veronica. )

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Amy M. Fry said...

I love this post. Showing Mr. Larry painting fingernails. 'Being Jesus' to others is just all about serving, in whatever capacity we can, isn't it? Bless Mr. Larry, and you too!
Love Ya!