Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I am Doing on My Summer Vacation Day 3

Today began with actually very little sleep. I think I was too keyed up from the drive so it took FOREVER for me to wind down enough to go to sleep. But after a few hours I got up and hopped in my mom and dads car and we headed off in search of a new adventure and a new lighthouse. I love state parks and especially searching for lighthouses. Their history fascinates me. And I think they are beautiful. So we headed out to Hunting Beach State Park. We also stopped and got a biscuit from one of my much missed fast food joints Hardees and I got the extremely unhealthy sausage biscuit. But it was absolutely wonderful. 2 hours later and lots of hilarious conversation we arrived at Hunting Island. It was an okay place. The lighthouse was gorgeous but the park itself was sadly lacking. As most of the beaches in this area they are suffering from beach erosion. While they are taking small measures to preserve and save it, it takes tons of manpower to make it happen. They also were a dumping ground and there was so much "trash" on shore that it made it very difficult to enjoy walking on it. Now by trash I don't mean people's discards, but I mean broken shells, seaweed, and straw. It just wasn't as nice of a beach as its neighbors to the south and north. So... we packed everything back up and drove a little ways north to Edisto Island state park. This beach is wonderful and it has bathhouses, etc. The awful thing though was as we were driving the little 30 minute jaunt around to get to it, it started to pour rain. Now I love rain in the summer but I was getting sad cause I really wanted to take some more beach pics to remember this time by. And was selfishly asking God to please make it let up by the time we got there. Well by the time we arrived it was sprinkling just a bit so we took the time to get dads car filled up with gas and for all of us to get a treat of some blue bell ice cream that they served there in a little shop. That was the best butter pecan cone I think I have ever had. Okay probably not true but it sure tasted good. Anyway, by the time we left the shop guess, what?! You're right, it had stopped raining now whether or not God chose to hold the rain off I don't know, but it was a nice gift and I selfishly lay claim to Him moving that storm along. And so when we walked on the beach there were all of 5 other people present. It was awesome. We were able to walk and pick up shells on some beautiful sandy beach as well as just enjoy the cooler temps it had dropped down to 71 while it was raining. The only sad part was the very little bit of sun. But that wasn't what I prayed for, just an end to the rain and that's what I got and I am thankful for that. Anyway, after the day was over we headed back home, so mom and I can have a girly day out tomorrow. We are going to dress up and go to high tea at this little tea room in a neighboring town. I can't wait. So that's about all that we accomplished today other than the usual enjoying conversation and reminiscing with each other. I have posted some pics below from my day.

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