Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I am doing on my summer vacation day 2

Well, I goofed and was supposed to start my vacation info. last night after my first day of vacation, but I left my computer in my car and it was pouring rain, so I decided I could catch up tonight. I packed up my car tuesday night and began my trek cross country to my parents in SC. Most have asked me WHY?? in the world I was driving instead of flying. And no it isn't because I am afraid to fly. I decided after crunching numbers that it would be easier and cheaper to drive home. I also wanted to stop along the way and visit with some of my friends who live all over this great nation. Which makes it more fun and enjoyable. However, the journey here was non stop. I will visit with friends along the way when I head back home. On the way here I had a great time catching up on some podcasts of speakers and teachers that I miss getting to listen to as much as I would like to. So I have heard some great teaching as well as got to listen to my music and enjoy the down time. It was uneventful for the most part yesterday until I reached Birmingham, AL and it was POURING rain. The people were driving ridiculously recklessly so I stopped not too long after I got the other side of Birmingham and got a hotel for the night. Just an FYI Wednesdays make a great travel day, very little traffic on the interstates. Its been fun freaking people out along the way, waving to random people in other cars as I passed them, talking with those few at the rest stops and their being shocked at a friendly "hello". Sad that we are such an unfriendly "don't talk to me" bunch of people. I also just plain had fun singing my heart out, belting out tunes and flexing those poor little muscles that don't get that much of a workout these days
Today was a bit busier out there but I was travelling through Atlanta and Augusta and theres a bit more construction on I-20 in these locations than most of the other areas so it was a bit congested and busy. A lot more cranky and reckless drivers as well. So all in all I made it here in one piece. And the first thing was eating a late lunch with my parents: home cooking mama and daddy style. I love it. Beef stew to start; and then dinner was melt in your mouth roast beef that my mom had marinated. It was absolutely awesome cause after 2 days of fast food its time for some home cooking.

Tomorrow is beach day and the plan is to travel to Huntington Island State Park I absolutely can't wait!!! you have the beach and a lighthouse and trails to hike around. Perfect. I will post pics as I can. Gotta break in my new camera and see what "she" will do.

I hope your week is going well and you are enjoying these last remaining days of summer. Well it is 10 minutes to midnight so I am calling it a night.

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