Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I Am Doing on My Summer Vacation Day 5

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, was a little tired last night and couldn't even think to put 2 sentences together. But it was a fabulous day. I slept in and had a wonderful time going to high tea with my mom. And wonderful conversations.

This trip has been all about conversations: conversations with God, myself, random strangers, old friends that I haven't seen in forever and last but certainly not least ever my family. Wonderful stories to relate and hear as well as memories to share. Its been about seeing as well. Seeing God's hand at work around me whether its through the hello and subsequent conversation at the random rest stop or restaurant on my way here and being able to encourage and listen or be encouraged; or when its the "perfect" timing of being here when family and friends need me to be physically present so they can see my face and hear my voice live. Today I had great conversations with a wonderful "old" friend although she is anything but old. It was wonderful catching up on the last five years of our lives. Sharing joys and sorrows as well as prayer requests for decisions to be made.

This morning was about standing with the two people that introduced me to worship and what it means to join with others and joy in God's presence and love Him. I loved being able to sit with my parents and worship God together side by side. It is a rare treat these days as we live so far apart.

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