Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Confessions of a Pen-a-holic

I have a confession to make. I am a card carrying pen-a-holic. I think it all started in 4th grade when these amazing felt tip markers showed up in the school store. I bought one a week until I had ALL of them. And there were at least 20.
Yes I admit I like all kinds of pens. Rollerballs, felt tip,ballpoint, and gel. Oh and of course in all of the colors available. The list is endless. Am embarassed to admit that I don't just have one little box that my pens are in...no I have several. And they are also organized according to type. Shocking I know,but there it is.
The aisles where the pens are located at the office supply stores just suck me in. And I have to exert willpower and "just say no". Some days its SO hard. But then I remember other people need those pens more than I do. So I tough it out and walk away.
Next time you see a pen or are on the pen aisle remember me and my struggle. Many have said I am either a frustrated writer or artist... I don't know about that. I just know I gotta have my pens.

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Amy M. Fry said...

OH MY. AGAIN!!! YIKES!! We are SOOO much alike. WOW. I too have an addiction to pens; tho I don't like them ALL-I had tendon surgery on my wrist and if they're too thin I can't write with them long, so I stick to cool pens I can hold comfortably. I have an addiction to office supply stores in general. I LOVE the paper, the notebooks with different colored papers, the calendars, and did you know you can now by the thin Sharpies by color from a BIN at Staples? I had to DRAG myself away. I LOVE SHARPIES! :) Too Funny Sherry.