Friday, May 8, 2009

Cleaning out the car...and interesting finds

I was cleaning up my car today and found some interesting things in the backseat and under the front seats. I don't have children of my own but I do work with MANY other people's kiddoes and also have friends with children. A few weeks back I had 2 of said friends children in my car. Now not until I was vaccuming did I find some interesting things.

For example I found many many crumbs, a pencil, 2 sticker books
from the kids meals from Chick Fil Aan empty Sunny D bottle, and some random wrapper. Now this was from only having the munchkins with me for 24 hrs. So... to all you parents out there my hearts go out to you. I am sure you could multiply what I found plus many more interesting things by a bazillion and have the current contents of your car.

So for fun... what would I find right now if I were to clean out your car??? :-)

1 comment:

CRIM said...

DEFINITELY crumbs!!! LOTS of "misplaced" DS game catridges; plastic animals of various spiecies; most likely a mittin or two but NOT matching!!!