Friday, May 1, 2009

Not too much to say

I just realized I hadn't shared anything lately on my blog. It isn't because there hasn't been anything going on. Its been pretty busy since April 12. Lets see if I can hit the highlights:
  • GREAT Easter with my little guys' at church! I love hearing them say how much they love Jesus.

  • Taught a class about what kind of person do you want your child to grow up to be at our first annual Moms Expo.

  • Enjoyed spending time with our Power of a Praying Parent class of ladies. Love hearing their love for their children and their desires for them to grow in their love of Jesus and to be His life long followers.

  • Had a blast running around like crazy people with our Ministry Assistants at the Highland Village Shoppes on secretary's day. We also had wonderful Italian food: chicken,mushroom lasagna is absolutely the bestest most wonderful italian dish on the planet. Well next to several other Italian dishes I can think of. Then we got to shop with them for an hour. Shopping and food followed by Ben and Jerry's. Now how great is that?

  • Went to hear the University of North Texas' 2 o'clock steel drum band perform. I absolutely LOVED it. We not only heard GREAT calypso and carribean music but learned about the way the drums are manufactured and made. The musicians were terrific they were so animated and kept you mesmerized with their choreography. Truly couldn't take it all in.

  • Sang with our wonderful sanctuary choir for our Gospel Gathering. I think my favorite song that we did was Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone. I love Chris Tomlin's arrangement of this still very powerful hymn.

The saddest thing for me at this moment is that I am not at church tonight having a piratey good time with a bunch of pre-k and kindergarten little boys and their mommies. As you may know we are going through a watch and see situation with the Swine Flu epidemic. Due to several cases popping up around the metroplex we were encouraged to postpone or cancel any extra activities that encouraged large groups to gather. So... we had to postpone our Camp Momanmee until June 19th. Am just glad that we get to make this up. It is SO much fun to watch our kiddoes learn something new about God and His love for them while they are laughing their heads off and celebrating some new thing they did.
Hopefully I will be able to take pics this Sunday to share our children's day experiences with you. It gets kinda crazy busy on Sundays for me. I can't wait to hear our kids sing. I also am SO excited that our Promiseland (children's worship) kiddoes will get to assist in leading worship this Sunday. I can't wait for our parents and adults to hear their powerful, honest prayers and sweet voices singing.
So until the next post, I pray you have a wonderful day filled with joy and will see God at work around you and will look for ways to join Him in telling others the Good News.

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