Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 New Additions to My Family

This last month I was following a trip that Compassion International Bloggers took to India. I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was by what they were sharing. It was breaking my heart. Since I work with little guys' it was very painful to see the living conditions as well as their day to day lives. We are so overwhelmingly blessed here in the states. Anyway, I started praying about what I could do. I made the "mistake" of pressing the sponsor a child link on Compasson's website one night and was greeted by hundreds of little faces from all over the world who live in circumstances that no child ever should. I just kept hearing all the commands that Jesus gave and also saw the faces of my niece and nephew and other little children that I love in the faces of these on the website. And couldn't help but ask myself, what if they were in my family, what if they were my friends children? I couldn't allow them to continue to live in those circumstances. I waste $32 a month usually on frivolous things for myself each month. Usually its a Sonic drink or two and that adds up to more than $32 month. And that is all that they were asking me to give to help fund education, nutrition, making sure they hear the good news of Jesus and have the opportunity to have a better life and as one blogger put it, "have dreams" of thier own for thier future. you can probably guess I had to sponsor a child. But I actually sponsored 2. If you go and look at these faces you can't just pick one...its impossible. Unless you can't afford it. And I KNOW some can't. (But you can pray for these little lives to gain sponsorship if you can't sponsor.) So, after searching faces and birthdays and agonizing in prayer over who to pick, I chose Hafeza and Mariom. They are 2 sweet little Preschool girls that live in the Kolkata region of East India. I am so excited to be able to learn about them and share their journeys of discovery in the future. Have you ever considered doing this as a project for your family. Many people sponsor children who are their children's ages and then the whole family gets in on the fun of corresponding and sharing their life and faith with their sponsor child. Something to consider.

Some have asked me does this mean that I don't think there are needs right here in the US. Of course I do! All I have to do is drive 5 miles to the east and see it up close and personal. It doesn't mean that I won't continue to help "my neighbor". But my neighbor is more than just next door to me or in the town I am living in.

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