Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beautiful day... and Cringes at American Idol contestants

It was a truly beeeeaaaauutiful day and it was VERY hard to stay inside. Thankfully I kept my shades on my office window drawn or I wouldn't have gotten anything done. I have been in the process of changing my office around. I have had a Noah's ark theme for my offices sense I started in full time ministry. I think it goes with the Preschool-Children's ministry territory for some reason. And after 13 years of full time ministry it begins to add up. So...it was time for a change and for some things to be boxed up and put away. Now my office will reflect a little bit of my love for the beach. I miss it so much and am many hours away from one, so since I spend 40+ hours a week in my office I thought it would be fun to give me a bit of visual beach inspiration if I can.

Now as far as the American Idol reference... I wonder how many people actually have a physical cringe reaction to these contestants? And I mean more the ones that argue with the outcomes, or literally chew out the judges. But its also the reaction to the voices...some just send me over the edge. I can't watch this part of the contest for long. Its too "painful". I actually get embarassed for them. I just hope this season is a bit different than they have been in the last few years, everyone is starting to have the same sound and look. There are very few unique ones that make it. I heard ONE tonight out of 143? That is sad. Also what happened to looking for the next great band?? hmmmmmmmm

Oh well, enough ranting about that.


3 Girl Mommy said...

Totally miss living in San Diego because of the beach and Idol....yeah, I quit watching it a couple of years ago because for the most part I would sit there embarrassed for the contestants. Don't they have any friends or family to tell them that they do not sing good, infact quite badly?!?!

Sherry said...

Sigh, glad someone else understands missing the beach. And yeah I like watching after things get going and mose to the "bad"eggs have been weeded out. But you are right you would think SOMEONE would tell them they couldn't sing, save them some pain.