Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ingredients for a no work stay at home "ICY" day

We had a bad weather day today. So the church office did not open...so I have been getting little things done around the house while trying to stay warm. We are supposed to be HORRIBLY icy today... so far nothing. So here are the ingredients for a no work stay at home day:
A. your computer
B. some nice warm goodies from the oven: I made chocolate chip scones.
C. other warm beverage: hot cocoa, tea: I have hot apple cider on the stove.
D. Lots of great books and movies you want to catch up on.
E. Last but not least: your warm weather stay at home attire which consists of:

Fashionable warm flannel pants... colorful LONG sleeve shirt and a really warm jacket (this one is my favorite :-) )Oh yeah you gotta have some really great winter slippers. Preferably red and with a bow on them. And...don't forget the white athletic socks. They are a MUST!
And there you have it. All the things you "need" to stay warm while having an enjoyable "icy" weather day.