Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prayers for my friend in the land down under

One of my oldest friends lives in Brisbane,Queensland, Australia. She is affectionately known as Patty Mack. Right now their country is fighting wild fires that have already claimed 171 lives. They are also facing torrential rains and flooding to the north of her. She mentioned when the flooding happens the crocs and snakes start moving into the rural areas. Not a fun thought. She said it is as if nature is crying out to Jesus. Where they live isn't in the line of the fires right now but she said to please continue to pray for their protection and safety. But they do run the risk of the crocs and snakes coming to their neighborhoods.

Patty and I have been friends since Junior High. We have giggled incessantly, shared secrets via top secret coded messages, discovered and watched Dr. Who together, sang off key on purpose in the all girls chorale, double dated, talked on the phone for hours: much to the irritation of my brother, window shopped,went to all state choir, created our own harmonies on demand, chased each other in the hallways,eased the pain of broken hearts, shared tears when we moved away from each other, celebrated milestone birthdays, and most importantly have continued in our journey to know and follow Jesus.
(she will kill me for posting this, but here is a recent pic of she and her children and 2 boys that they had as exchange students last year)

So here is to the friendships that endure the passage of years and millions of separating miles.

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