Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Irritating things

Okay today I had to run to several stores for work. And the Christmas wackiness as far as rude customers has already started. Or at least it has in the stores that I was in today. Here is one small example why do people think its okay to stand right next to you, literally in the check out line while you are trying to put stuff on the counter from your cart? (glad I had taken a shower this morning, ha!) Do they think that's going to make your checkout go faster? At one point I was afraid I was about to be shoved out of the way. I always wish I was more quick witted in those situations and have some snappy thing to say. Sigh. Oh well, I am sure Jesus wouldn't be thrilled with what I would say anyway. I guess rudeness is just a pet peeve of mine. I think too it may be north carolina roots coming out??? I dont' know? And why is it that the most "joyous" time of the year brings out such horrible attitudes in shoppers? I have never understood that. People say its the lines you have to stand in etc. Well come on, at least we have money to spend and places to spend at. Okay, before I really start sounding preachy I will stop. Forgive my rant.

Anyway here are some examples of exclamations of "Excuse me" in different languages depending on where you are holidaying, just so you can learn them for the Christmas season. lol!!

Gabh mo leisgeul! (Scots) staying true to my Scottish roots :-)

E kala mai ia Ľu! (Hawaiian)

shillehagessumnida (Korean)

Ipagpaumanhin ninyo ako! (Tagalog)

Mi scusi! (Italian)