Thursday, November 13, 2008

Staring at the ceiling....

I was in Starbucks this morning making a run for myself and my fellow office mates. While in there I made an observation. Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable everyone is while they are waiting for their orders? They are trying really hard NOT to look at everyone, but they don't know WHERE to look. I even found myself feeling a bit uneasy there for a moment wondering where do I look? So ...I looked at the floor and the menu board, all the little gadgety things they have for sale, and the latest CD (by the way the new compilation CD sounded really good) and then I started the cycle over again. Why are we so afraid to make eye contact with each other? ??

It reminded me of something Tony Campolo said that he had done one day when he walked into an elevator packed with people. Instead of turning around and facing the doors when he got on he continued to face the group of people. And then he just watched their reactions. He said everyone was uncomfortable. Not one laugh or smile from any of them. How sad. I think this is why drive through's have become so popular. You don't have to truly interact with people. I mean even my blog could be considered not wanting to have a conversation with people as well, hmmmmm something to think about today.

Maybe you could do something today to shake everyone up while you are waiting, whether its a smile,saying Hi and asking them how they are doing for your checker at the grocery store, or the person checking you out at the fast food restaurant, be creative. Walk into an elevator and don't turn around. My brother used to do this and would say "I called this meeting because....." old stunt everyone pulls it. But still funny.

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Jmom said...

I can't believe that I only discovered your blog today! I began blogging only a few months ago for my family (none of which live near us). I would love for you to check us out!