Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Book Of Isaiah

I have always loved this book of the Bible. There are so many portraits of Jesus contained within it. Isaiah 53 is quoted more in the New Testament than any other Old Testament chapter. As I read it I find familiar passages and wonder why they stand out so much or I read along hear some tune accompanying the words. Then I remember that there are so many passages of Isaiah set to music. Handel's Messiah to name a "biggie" and then a favorite Worship Leader: John Michael Talbot.
I had to conduct the 4th chorus in the Messiah " And the Glory of the Lord" for my conducting class in College. Yikes! And it wasn't just the conducting part that was intimidating. Our class was small about 10 of us. You had to sing whatever the person conducting was assigned. Now if you goofed on anything.. you couldn't exactly cover it up very well.
A link to a John Michael Talbot clip is below. It isn't one of the Isaiah passages. But gives an idea of his worship leading. He is a Franciscan Monk so he refers to many of the Catholic traditions. But his music is so very powerful. I love his intertpretations of many of the scriptures. He is also an incredible guitarist.
Click on the link below to view one of his leading worship.

If you haven't read the book of Isaiah in a while,I would challenge you to do so. There is so much imagery of the Messiah in it and healing for the soul.

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