Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sick and tired ... OH! and bored....

I caught some bug and have a really killer fever. It isn't budging much which is extremely irritating. It is all my fault that I caught this bug though because I should know to wash my hands like crazy these days. And I haven't. Most people don't realize that your bodies pores and even hair still have traces of your sickness unless you washed your hair and body really well. Well, I work with little people and I rub heads, hold grubby hands, hug and hold little bodies, wipe noses so I am exposed to all kinds of little germys. Now I ususally use gloves for the icky parts like wiping noses, and of course changing diapers. But I don't use gloves to do the holding hands, etc. I am beginning to think I need to. Ha! But that just seems so insensitive and germophobic. I love these little guys and don't want them to think I am afraid to touch them. So... I guess I will need to start washing those hands a LOT more!!! Antibac anyone??? :-)

I digress...anyway, I am a lousy patient and that doesn' help me get well any faster. I get bored and end up doing way too much which makes my fever go up and not go away. Self defeating behavior!! The one highlight to all this boredom...I have been catching up on old NCIS episodes, thank you USA network and on demand ;-). I have also been watching old movies and some new ones. I think I have watched Enchanted and The Game Plan enough to recite every line. Just kidding. And shockingly enough I have actually seen a SpongeBob episode or two that I hadn't seen before.
Well enough venting. I will continue to drink plenty of fluids and give my money to the Tylenol company. And still rub little heads and hold grubby little hands. I will just follow those last things up with a stiff dose of Antic-bac.

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