Sunday, April 20, 2008

God's Creation

I was recently visiting my oldest friend (we have known each other for 30+ years) who lives with her family in Tucson, AZ. Or I should say did. They left this last Friday to live in Osan, Korea for the next 3 years. Her husband is in the Air Force. When I was visiting with her the scenery astounded me. I never thought the mountains and dessert that is there would amaze me or be beautiful. I love the Rockies and the Smoky Mountains back home, the beach etc. But never since going to New Mexico was I struck with the Wonder's of God's creation again. The mountains that are there in Tucson are beautiful in their own right. They may not be tree covered but they are no less impressive. I wish I could have taken tons of pics to show here. But the pictures wouldn't do it justice. If you ever get to go west and check it out. Do! The sunsets and sunrises in the dessert are breathtaking. 

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