Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sallman's Works

You have probably read the last name of Sallman and thought..HUH???! Who in the world is that? Warner Sallman is his complete name but before you dismiss that check out the picture to the left. Didn't you see this in your Sunday school class or in your church somewhere as a child? It truly is the most reproduced and most recognized print of Jesus in the world. Over 5oo million copies of it have been sold. I saw his paintings at the temporary artist gallery that is part of the Billy Graham Museum at Wheaton College.  His paintings evoke all kinds of nostalgic feelings for me. Not only do I remember these from my childhood Sunday School class days, but I also remember using them when I helped my mom teach in her Preschool Sunday School class.  
If you ever get a chance to see any of his works up close, do. The painting of the Head of Christ  alone is worth searching for. BTW the collection of over 140 paintings is maintained and owned by Anderson University in Anderson, IN. I am guessing they have them on display somewhere.