Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whirlyball Adventures

     Okay take all of our church staff, and put us on a "basketball" type court; split us up into teams, then have us sit in a  bumper car and give us a lacrosse looking "scoop"  that has a whiffle ball in it and you have a recipe for hilarity. We had more fun just slapping at each other with our scoops and ramming each others cars than actually playing the game. Oh and we have some picky rule technicality people. I mean, come on! When the ball us stuck UNDER your cars side and wedged. I think you should be able to pick the silly thing up and put it in your scoop. But NO! Our fellow music minister/orchestra director called me on the technicality. And THEY got the point!!! I wanted to say NO fair!!! Oh well, I think I better roll up my sleeves and gear up for next years match. Whirlyball anyone?? 

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