Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Weird Musings

I wonder about some things that I am sure no one else does. For instance when you are outside and the wind blows you around do you ever wonder who else did that wind blow on before it came to you? Or does it? Did it flow over a field of flowers or drive a child's kite way into the sky?
I was looking at the page, checking out my weather for the week, btw I could strangely be addicted to the site and their TV channel. I know I am odd. Anyway, they were mentioning that a system was coming into TX from the plain states and would create high wind gusts,etc. That made me wonder, did the same wind that is going to barrel into my area in a few days will it blow on my brother and his family that live in colorado or my friends in Arizona? And what about my friends in Kansas did it cause Maddie to giggle as she tried to play in the playground at school? hmmmm I am no weather aficionado but I do wonder at the origination of the wind. Maybe its as it is mentioned in the book of Job that only God knows?
Another weird thought, do you ever drive down the highway and wonder about the families or people living in the houses that you see? See I told you... weird musings. Well for now I will continue to wonder about things :-)

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Cara said...

J.O. makes fun of me all the time for my weird thoughts! I do wonder about those people in the houses on the highway and I ask 'where do they work, where is their grocery store, etc' to my husband all the time... he ignores it now!