Monday, February 4, 2008

Have you ever had "one of those" days?

Well today was definitely a Monday! It all started at 7:15 this morning when I heard a large truck pull up in front of my house, you know the kind with the big diesel engine? So I looked out the window and it was a city water services crew. Next they started poking around my water meter? Now I was still in my PJ's so I ran to get my bathrobe and just in time before the doorbell rang. They wanted to let me know there was a slow leak and that it originated at my line. Thankfully it was on the city's side. :-) But this also meant they were going to shut off my water and were going to be working on repairing the line all day. Okay, that meant... I had to hustle cause I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet!!! LOL
Well then its off to work. I walk in to the offices and realize I had forgotten 2 things that are extremely important for Mondays at my job: my calendar and my notes from the previous day. See, Monday's are staff meeting days: one in the morning and one after lunch. Then I had my first interruption of the day a phone call asking me for an update on one of my Sunday School teachers' friends sons. He tried to commit suicide last weekend by hanging himself and had been in a coma all last week. Unfortunately I had to let them know that the prognosis wasn't good. There was severe brain damage. (They still don't know how extensive the damage is yet and he is only 16!) The interruption wasn't a bad one for me just sad and a bit overwhelming emotionally. They became really upset for this family because of a similar situation from their past with one of their friends. So by the time that was finished I had exactly 3 mins. to get to my first meeting WITHOUT my calendar. Yikes. So by now I am completely flustered.
After my first meeting one of our staff's wives came in with their 4 week old sweet little boy. I hadn't spent any time with him so I asked if I could babysit for a few minutes while the mommy went to a meeting. She told me to bring him to her whenever I needed to scoot. So I sat with him for a good 45 mins. It was my therapy for the day cause he is so sweet. However I got so distracted talking with him that I missed out on getting lunch... then it was off to meeting number two.
Well I could list even more things that happened on my goofball Monday. But I must say at the end of this day that God is good and truly does provide for all our needs, including coherent thought. :-)

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