Saturday, February 2, 2008

Creative Writing

I am currently addressing a bunch of envelopes for our pre-k and kindergarten little girls to invite them to a daddy/daughter night we are hosting. But instead of lazily printing a label and slapping it on the envelope I got into my weird Jane Austen mode and decided I would hand address them using my limited calligraphy skills. What was I thinking??? Now I like to create unique gifts for my family using these skills but addressing 50+ envelopes is actually a pretty daunting task. Not to mention keeping the nibs clean and the ink flowing. Gives me new respect for the writers that had to use pen, nib, and ink "pots". Also, I don't know how in the world these people kept their fingers ink stain free. :-) Mine currently have red, black and blue ink stains.
So.. hats off to the Jane Austen's and the other men and women of the past who slaved over quills, ink pots and sheaves of paper to communicate.
The next stage causes even more fear and trepidation over what it will do to my hands: sealing these envelopes with the old fashioned embossed wax. I may have 3rd degree finger burns as a result. We'll see. lol

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