Friday, January 25, 2008


Have you ever prayed about a situation or more importantly a conversation and gotten the pause button pushed on you? That is me. I have had this amazing conversation about Jesus and my beliefs with a muslim college student. But lots of critical questions have been asked. I asked them if I could think through things before I responded. BEING much more respectful of my beliefs and not blowing me off unlike most they said yes. So.. I began inquiring of God okay, questions asked, now how do You want me to answer these? day three, no answer. :-( So now I am stalled and in a holding pattern. I feel like Daniel from the Old Testament who prayed with no answers for days! But we know why his prayers weren't answered. Hmmmmm  maybe that is what is happening here too? So I will be patient and not respond until God says "GO!"  And if I could be where this pic was taken while doing just that it would be awesome. 
Side note: this is a pic of the Hatteras Lighthouse in NC. It is a favorite location for me back in my home state. 

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