Thursday, January 24, 2008


Have you ever had a migraine? If not then consider yourself blessed. I have had a week of them. No, not just one but 2. Something is wrong with that. My friends made fun of me because I was whining and said that even my hair hurt. Well, it does! And I found out this week that, that is a "normal" side affect. So for all of you making fun of migraine sufferers... walk a mile first. They hurt and are debilitating. 
The funny thing about them is most people think that if you suffer from migraines you have to have to be in , blacked out rooms, no sound, buried under your covers in the bed. However, that makes it worse for me.. well except for the no light thing. 
So... as I said if you don't have migraines count yourself blessed. If you do, I empathize profusely!!! 

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