Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where does the time go? Slowing down sounds really, really good

Have you ever wondered where the time goes? And why do things have to go SO fast?! At the end of my day I sometimes reflect back and think, what in the world did I really accomplish today? Too many useless, pointless tasks. Too many people that I didn't stop and take the time for because I had too many "things" to do.  Today was definitely one of those days. Granted I had been home sick for 2 days so today was catch up day at work. And then I had a rehearsal tonight so I didn't even get to see my "kids" at church. And that is what my "job" is all about, "My" preschoolers and their families and people, not "things". And I didn't even get to talk with them. 
Oh well, hopefully God will grant me mercy and give me another day to try again tomorrow.  But this Sunday's goal is to talk with people, love on "my" kids! NOT just accomplish tasks. 

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Jana said...

:( Don't forget about your "Big"