Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Am Going On a Trip

In less than 5 days I will be boarding 2 planes in order to reach this location. I am one of 9 people traveling on this trip. The first and last leg of our trip we will be staying in Guatemala City and getting spoiled at this LOVELY place. Have been told its absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to soak it all in.

We are specifically going to help and work with the children at an orphanage that our church has partnered with for the past 4 years. Our goals are to laugh, play, sing with, and love on as well as teach children and generally do whatever else is needed to help out the Orphanage care givers and director next week.

I am excited to get to meet and love on the kiddoes and hopefully be a help to the teachers and helpers. My fear is that I am going to absolutely lose my heart to them all and want to bring them home with me. Actually I am banking on it. (smile) I also know that there is a bigger purpose for our team going. Cannot wait to see how God unfolds everything.

Another confession it is funny to be packing for this trip with words like mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, etc rolling around in my head. Me and bugs truly do not like each other. I am such a wimp and admit I am totally spoiled living in my city and country. But I am packing away and taking the precautions the pre-trip nurse consultation gave me. Lots of bug spray and tea tree oil :-)

Bottom line I know that even putting up with bugs, 113 plus heat indexes, a very bumpy bus ride (so I am told) and no hot water for a week is MOST definitely just a minuscule drop in a very large bucket compared to what Jesus did for me. Its truly the extreme LEAST I can do for some very sweet kiddoes and some wonderful adults.

If you would please pray for us. You know how the enemy rears his ugly head and wreaks havoc on the lives of those going for specific God given purposes on trips like these. We are praying for protection not just for us but for our families while we are preparing and there on the field.
Here are the names of our team members:

Larry and Ladonna
Derek and Brooke
Nick and Jacque
and of course Me :-)

I will be posting pics and updating my blog during this exciting journey. And truly am excited to see how God is going to open my spiritual eyes, ears, and heart to see His bigger purpose for all of us that strive to serve Him with our lives.

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