Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walking Through Days in a Blur

Do you have those times of the year that you look back on and for the life of you can't remember one day from the next? For me its this time of year. Why? With my job summers are a bit busy with special events, VBS, etc. But the Fall is packed with starting programs back up that have been on hiatus for the summer as well as a new Bible Study, aka Sunday School year. This means lots of recruiting, training, constantly evaluating, creating publications, and meeting with people. There is not a lot of down time.
This always poses problems for my sleep habits, harder for me to wind down at night and to truly stop my brain from processing. And I know from the past this also is the time of year I start to catch stupid little bugs that my body should be able to ward off but it is too run down to fight because of the lack of sleep and rest. may ask what are you going to do about this? Well, I had a plan to help myself wind down during this busy Fall and not suffer from sleep and rest deprivation. The plan's goals are to make sure I spend time outside each day in the fresh air, walk, or ride my bike, and turn off the digital media. But here's a confession, this week I flunked!!! I gave in to the tired feelings and brain fog and allowed myself to veg out in front of the TV and computer. And sleep this week you may ask?? Horrible. I have averaged 4 hrs a night. Not good heading into cold and flu season. And my working with preschoolers who share their germs every day doesn't help either. With my current lack of rest and habits I am definitely headed into sick-ville. However, I am determined NOT to do this, so I am getting back into the groove of my daily wind down the tennis shoes are by the door, the bike is all ready to go, and the digital media has a 9 pm curfew. :-)

So with all that said, is there something you need to do for yourself this new school year? Is it to be healthier, to be more active, to tackle something you have wanted to try, or is it just to carve out more time to spend with your family and friends? Don't set insurmountable goals but set realistic ones and for pete's sake don't give up or give in!

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