Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Compassion Kiddoes

In case you didn't know I sponsor two sweet little girls from India through Compassion International. I love Compassion and all that they seek to do to save the worlds children from poverty. Of course they do SO much more than that. If you don't know about them click here and go and check them out.
I love getting letters from "my" girls. One of them has written me once a month since I started sponsoring in May. I love to hear that they are doing fine and are healthy. But there has been a change in Mariom's letters since I started sponsoring them. There is hope in her statements about she and her families future and she always ask me about my future plans,which I think is so very cute and grown up since she is only 5 years old. But I love that she is filled with hope.

One of "my" girls is so FUN, her translator and writer of the letters does such a GREAT job communicating her little personality. I can just see her bouncing around and dictating her letter to her translator all while trying to draw pictures and write out her alphabets for me. I feel like such a mom looking at the things she has sent me. Yes I have them on my refrigerator. Isn't that where all great children's' art should go? :-) I have sent both of the girls pictures of me and my family but this silly girl says I am very creative so she wants me to draw a picture of myself and wished we could draw it together, as she said, "wouldn't that be fun?" Now if you know anything about me, then you know this one is plowing her way into my heart one letter at a time.

My other little girl lives in a more remote section of India. I have only had my initial letter from her. But I pray for her and hope that I will hear more from her in the future. We are told when we sponsor that they are only required to write us twice a year. So I feel really "lucky" that I have heard what i have from them. I can't wait to continue to learn about their lives and "watch" them grow. Most of all I am excited about all they are going to teach ME about giving and loving even when you are thousands of miles apart.

So my challenge to you is this....pray about how you and your family can help with the worlds poverty problem. What are you teaching your children about giving to others less fortunate? If you have the least little bit of curiosity about the ministry of Compassion check out what Bart Millard (writer of song "I can only imagine") and the rest of Mercy Me have to say about their part in Compassion's ministry here

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