Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I LEARNED on my Summer Vacation

better have a back up plan for that GPS that is ignorant of detours, roadblocks and road construction.

  • there is no need to pack the entire contents of my closet or armoire for a 7 day trip, there are washing machines at my parents house and even in hotels.

  • one doesn't need every type of hair styling product whle on vacation that is in ones cabinet to get the perfect "do" 1 of each will be fine. So total of 3 bottles NOT 8.

  • that if I want to do something while at home then I need to make sure I make a list cause I will ineveitably forget to do something.

  • there are absolutely too many miles between mine, my parents' and my brothers houses...I miss spending time with them. Once a year stinks for visits...need to be intentional to get together more.

  • One cannot read more than one book while on vacation so don't even try to pack more than that. If you finish it while on vacation great! You can go and get a new book at the bookstore. There are bookstores in the towns you are visiting.

  • my spirit needs to be recharged more than once a year. There need to be more times during the year spent for me to re-charge, dream, plan, and spend time with the Father free from the distractions of home.

  • Need to be alert more to what God is showing and telling me through the everyday"ness" of my life. He is speaking but am I listening? No, not always. Am too busy most days. Need to slow down so I can hear and see.

  • Have missed listening and learning from some of my favorite speakers and preachers; they haven't gone anywhere. I have neglected my podcasts for mindless television too many nights. Must remedy that.

  • Cannot believe how much I miss the sights, sounds and smell of the ocean and the feel of the sand under my feet.

  • God desires for us to laugh and joy in Him. Best times are spent at His feet watching and listening, just being aware of His presence and enjoying Him, not coming to Him with a checklist of rants or requests.

  • Have neglected carrying my journal with me throughout my day and am missing many insights and aha moments as the days go by because I don't write them down.

Some of these are funny check list things others do not sound grandiose or life altering but in my times of thinking while driving many of these were like "duh" moments. I think in the busy-ness of everyday life we forget to take notice of our lives and where they are headed. It is imperative that we be more intentional before we reach a day that stuns us with its arrival and makes us ask: "Where did the time go?"

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Amy M. Fry said...

I really liked this post. I'd say 99% of your list of things you learned are things I too need to learn. (the one about packing stuff/books/hair product I REALLY keep trying to learn!).
You were able to drive - alone -to your destination. Granted you can't write in a journal while driving, or shouldn't; but I see from your list that I need to make some alone-with-God time. Not alone in my house where laundry, cleaning, work-in-the-office is calling;
but true alone with Him. God,me,mountains,pen,paper, water bottle.
Thanks for the heads-up to get me going before summer ends!
I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family and hope you came back recharged and ready to take on the munchkin horde. You inspire me.
In Him,