Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lessons Learned From the Parable of the Prodigal God

I am listening to leaders from all walks of life today that are talking about all aspects of leadership at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Now most people when they hear this word they think "but you are in ministry". Yes I am but I still am a leader a Shepherd of the sheep that God has entrusted to me. So I do always want to learn more about being a good leader. But I have to remember this isn't a business but a ministry and the difference is keeping God and His will center of all that I do and how I lead.
One of the speakers today once again showed me how very much I still don't know about the scriptures. He is a pastor but also an author and his name is Tim Keller. His book entitled Prodigal God is a portrait and insightful look into this parable. This was the basis of his talk today and made me once again say "aha!" Here is a link to a summary of what I heard today: I am still learning and gleaning from the deep well of the Bible and I hope it always is that way. If someone tells me there is nothing new to be gleaned from the Bible I know that they are out of touch with God and have treated the living breathing Word of God as just another book to be read and tossed aside. I continue to feel so dumb when it comes to knowledge of God's Word but love it when He gives me those moments of wonder and awareness of His Word and Him.

So I am going to re-visit the parable of the Prodigal Son and dig more, glean more from this lesson Jesus gave. And I pray that I keep learning, growing and listening and be thankful that God isn't through teaching me and showing more of Him through His word.

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