Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Miss Williamsburg VA and Hometown Today

Other than of course my family,
I miss Williamsburg VA and my hometown of Rocky Mount, NC specifically Battle Park and Sunset Park today on this 4th of July. Why? Because of the education they gave me about the sacrifices made by the many men and women of our Country for me to live in freedom.
Williamsburg VA of course is "next door" to Jamestown VA so there are lots of historical "adventures" you can participate in to learn all about the Revolutionary War.When I lived in Chesapeake VA I would love going up for the day since it was only 45 mins. away. And I actually went there many times...I loved visiting the historic town and the hiking trails on the Colonial arkway. For example today Williamsburg will be packed with tourists and history buffs who enjoy the re-enactments. There will be fireworks (see pic to the above left of one example) and the symphony on the lawn tonight. Favorite re-enactments: Patrick Henry's famous speech: "Give me liberty or give me death" this entire speech is SO incredibly inspiring. We only quote the very last line. And the parade with the guns and the pageantry. But it is incredible to see them march in all their regalia and the fife and drum corps. Here's a link to a great slide show of pics One of my night pics is to the left unfortunately I had forgotten I had my star lens filter its kind of distracting. Anyway, these guys' are impressive to watch and hear. These guys' to the left were actually my groups escort to dinner one night when I was there. Really fun marching behind them.

Anyway, I also miss my hometown of Rocky Mount, NC. I grew up with tons of history all around me. I could include my moms and my dads hometowns as well because they are packed full of history. My moms is Edenton NC where the ladies gathered before the Boston Tea Party and had their own little tea party. There is a lovely little tea pot on a fence commemorating the event near the lead heroine's home site. Here is a pic to the right.
Or my dads place of birth Fayetteville, NC which is named for the General Marquis de Lafayette who was one of the revolutionary war heroes when the French came to our aide.

But Rocky Mount is where I will focus because its here that I first learned the lesson of freedom at the expense of the lives of men and women defending it for me. Of course in Rocky Mount I didn't learn about revolutionary war history so much here, but Civil War history. But I was still taught about conviction and standing up to tyranny and oppressive rule. But it was also in Rocky Mount that my family would gather with grandparents and friends and we would watch Fireworks downtown or have pig pickin's (yes there is no "g" in that pronunciation where I grew up) And if you haven't been to a pig pickin you haven't been in the south. It includes, pulled pork, coleslaw, cornbread, corn on the cob, baked beans and you gotta have fresh churned ice cream as well. Oh and of course you had to have a game of baseball!!! Ahhhh fun times.
To sum it all up I have fond memories of this holiday and always miss "home" and family when I am away from them on days like today. I am also praying for men and women some that I know personally who are fighting on the front lines every day to ensure that I still have the freedoms that I hold dear. May God continue to bless America but may we strive to stand up to those that want to remove those freedoms that were fought so bravely for.