Friday, January 16, 2009

What is it about thrillers...

....that just pull me in?? Tonight I am watching Signs, written by M Night Shamaylan. Oooooo... I also like his movie The Others. Now both of these along with the movie The 6th Sense truly do wig me out and I will probably have wierd nightmares but I can't NOT watch it. Dumb I know. There are PLENTY of other useful things I could be reading or doing. But no I am watching this movie that will play with my head.
Now I don't like bloody, gory movies. Although I was terrified to watch the original Psycho movie with my friends in college. I had an afghan pulled over my head so when it got scary I could just duck under it. Too funny. Now I watch it and think, what was I so scared of?

But these thrillers mess with your head on a different level. Its what you DON'T see and what your assumptions are that mess with your mind and head. But Signs also explores faith. Do you believe there is a God watching out for us, guiding us. Or do you believe life is just a series of chance and conicidences?

Anyway, if you want a nail biter to watch in your down time. Grab a copy of the three movies I mentioned and be prepared for a suspense filled time. I am going to grab my blanket so I can cover my head.... just to be safe. ha ha!
"Do you believe in signs or miracles or do you believe you just get lucky and there are coincidences? Do you believe there are no conincdences?" I love this quote from this movie.

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