Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Blood Runs Carolina Blue

Okay I admit I am not really a sports nut. You won't see me at a game with a painted face or crazy hair on. And you won't hear me heckling the other fans. But, I will wear my team's colors with pride. This time of year I always miss not being back East for March Madness. Well okay I just miss college basketball season period. Ahh the days of jeering each other in the college dorm as our teams played against each other. And cutting class, sorry to admit this mom and dad but there it is, to watch the games. Even in High School you had the updates of what your team was doing!!!  In Texas Football is king not really basketball. And I didn't grow up watching these teams but my ACC teams!!!  More importantly the boys in Carolina Blue. Those UNC Tarheels.So I have been a party pooper and not really rooted for any teams here in Texas. This has been an awesome season for the boys in blue and they have done great! Only 2 losses overall. It was absolutely nerve wracking watching the game last night between the Heels and the Duke Blue Devils. And the guys played a tight game for some moments that were nail biting but they came back from tiredness and won!!! Talk about high rivalry!!! And if you haven't ever been to a game in Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium you are missing a phenomenon!!! LOUD Duke fans chanting and literally rocking the stadium during the game. Duke fans have a rep for being the loudest and the zaniest. I think one of the chief training moments for anyone going up against the blue devils on thier turf is how to concentrate with a noise level that is deafening and the high heat. 
So I am a Tar Heel fan. Have been since, forever. So I am not just a Tar Heel because I was born in Nor
th Carolina I am a UNC Tar Heel fan because they are just great!!!
So to quote the UNC Fight Song:" I'm a Tar Heel born a Tar Heel bred and when I die I'm a Tar Heel Dead...."  

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