Saturday, February 9, 2008

When I get Homesick...

Well, I have to admit I get homesick. I wasn't born and raised in Texas. And although I love Texas, I still get homesick for my home state of NC and surrounding sights. When I do and travelling there isn't possible, I just pull up these lovely little inventions called Webcams. Then I can literally "look" all over the state at different things. I can travel from the heights of the Smokies to the beautiful beaches. Sigh. So here are 2 for you to check out. Some may take longer to load than others: This is from the porch of a beach house in Surf City, NC. This webcam is great because you can sit back, relax and imagine you are on the deck of your beach front home watching the tide coming in. This is from the ski area at Beech Mountain, NC. Its kind of funny to watch these days because most of the snow is melting off. :-)And last but not least is the youtube video that is absolutely wonderful! Why? Check it out for yourself.

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