Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Great Music at least to me, Missing Harmony, But no coffee???? huh?

Okay I'm little behind the times but there is a duo out there Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. They starred in a movie "Once" and the music from the movie was written for the most part by them. Oh my goodness what a great sound. I so enjoyed listening to them perform at the Oscar's. I don't know about their content... I haven't gone that far listening to all their music. But I love their sound!!   And they have an incredible harmony that is a bit different than the typical pop groups out there. And in the "pop" world there is so much of that missing. I miss it. I grew up listening to the music of the  60's, 70's and on up you go. Even the rocker bands had harmony back in "the day".  Now don't get me wrong I love listening to a good strong solo voice.  And a confession, I actually like playing around, singing along and making up harmonies with some of them.  But I miss harmony. Even in our churches we have gotten so tied to praise songs that are mostly melody line driven that the harmonies have all but disappeared. We have children growing up who don't know how to harmonize as they sing or have the ability to pick it out.  And don't hear me saying I don't like the new praise songs. I love them. But I grew up harmonizing with my brother and my parents in church and at home picking out harmonies alongside them.  But I know that's not the norm. I had a choir teacher that loved to challenge me and my best friend in High School. She loved to say "Sherry you and Patty pick out a harmony to go against us!"I used to LOVE that challenge. Finding that sound that could harmonize with the line.  Okay enough ranting about that issue. 
But then on top of everything I wanted a treat tonight and my favorite place: Starbucks was closed???? okay now that shocked me to pieces cause I was all set for a tall skinny cinnamon dulce latte but apparently they are working on some new drinks, techniques, and customer relations things. Great for them, bad for me tonight, but great for me down the road. :-).