Monday, February 18, 2008

Feather Boa's and Cat Eye Glasses

What do feather boas, spangles, crazy cat eyed glasses and students going on mission have to do with each other? Our church's music ministries annual Dinner Theater. WOW thats a mouthful! :-) This Dinner Theater raises thousands of dollars to offset costs to send our 175+ students on mission for 2 weeks every summer. They go into areas and set up sports camps and then share Jesus with the children.  Now Dinner Theater itself is an entirely goofy sometimes humiliating experience. But always hilarious. We always do numbers from past decades. This year we are doing music from Broadway, Country and Motown Stages. 
This year I am in 2 groups. We are singing the Supreme's Where Did Our Love Go and then a spoof of  Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof. It proves to be amazingly, hilariously humiliating. My hope this year is that I don't get tripped and run into a wall or worse someone step on my skirt and the ooops moment of it ripping or coming down. Yes it has happened. LOL. So this week we will be running around like crazy people practicing and then do our 2 performances Friday and Saturday nights. 
So whenever you see a feather boa this week or a pair of cat eye glasses, you can think about us, crazy people making absolute goofs of themselves but all to send students out en masse to tell children about Jesus. 

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What's next said...

I hate to miss dinner theather... one more reason I miss FBCL...