Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner Theatre finale

Well its over what a relief and how sad! It is funny how you gear up for it, all the rehearsals and rushing around and you just want it to be over. Then when the time comes your perfectionist, type A personality jumps out and you want more time to prepare and work out kinks. And then there  are the backstage antics. The silly jokes and quick change "scares" as you get in the way of people running to and fro and getting ready for their next numbers. Thankfully no real embarrassing moments this year except for the close call with my wig in the supreme's number last night. lol Yes, it almost came swinging off. And yes poor Brandi's tangle with her Boa and the mic cord.  But it got a HUGE laugh. Although, Shirley, Brandi and I laughed so much at the moment we lost our place... but no one knew, I think??? or should I say, I hope??  smile

All in all it was a blast, visiting and sharing laughs and high energy with such a great group of people. I love their energy, creativity and dedication. I still don't know how much money we raised for the summer tour but Friday night's tips alone were $1700. I think that's pretty cool. 
I wish I had more pics to share but as usual you get caught up in everything going on backstage and out front and of course I forgot to take too many pics.  But below is a link for some of what I got. :-)

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