Thursday, January 31, 2008

Growing up in the "concrete jungle"

Have you ever considered that most children today are growing up in the "concrete jungles" of large cities? I face this every time I try to give "my" kids in our children's worship examples from my childhood that they could relate to. I have to remember that where we live here in the suburbs of big "D", which is Dallas for those that aren't sure what that is, children don't see fireflies, don't run barefooted through tall grass, seeing ladybugs and caterpillars only happens at school in science class, flying their kite only happens on certain days in man made parks not backyards too many power-lines in the way, riding their bicycle all over town: not going to happen only around the block, exploring the woods around your house til nightfall, building a fort, etc. I did these things. In the summers and on weekends my brother and our friends NEVER thought about staying inside and watching TV. Only if it was raining and even then if it was warm outside and the rain wasn't going to last we would keep on playing. Cause you would eventually dry, right? lol And we whined and moaned whenever mom called for us to come in.  I had to think that most of the children here have never played with a garden snake that they caught in their yard. I am thankful that even in my neighborhood we have bunnies. They wreak havoc on the plants in my yard but I still love seeing them. They are a connection to the natural world in the midst of all the concrete and asphalt around me and I don't "own" them, they aren't my pets. Although they are cute. And don't get me wrong, I have trees in my yard but not like my gynormous trees that I had to climb growing up. And yes there are birds, squirrels, and the wonderful Texas mascot: the dreaded fire ant. Not going to make any of them "pets".  
I will just keep trying to create opportunities for the kids to experience some fun "naturally".  :-)

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