Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sabbatical Prep

As a added bonus and unheard of treat my church honors long time ministers on staff with a sabbatical after five years. Depending on the ministry position we hold determines the length of the sabbatical. My sabbatical earned is four weeks.
What are my plans? The major focus is on spiritual and emotional health. I am going through an extensive life evaluation through the Giftedness Center located in Dallas TX. I will have five intense sessions with a counselor/life coach. I am excited about this experience as it shows me what I am not only gifted and fitted to do but also looking at my life plan and mapping out a focus for the future. The point of all of it is to look at things you "dreamed" of doing at a younger age and determining if you have accomplished those things. If not why? All of this through the lens of Gods Purpose for my life.
The title of my session plan is Women in Transition. Yeah its called this mainly for women who are my age. And NO I am not putting that in this post. :-) Lets just say I have hit an age where looking back and looking forward come pretty naturally.
All of it sounds pretty intense doesn't it? So far the prep for the sessions has been. I am supposed to focus on writing down five stories from my past where I felt the most fulfilled in my accomplishment.
This is no easy task when we as Christians are taught that humility means not celebrating yourself. But if you look at the roots of our Christian faith and delve into the Old Testament its focus was on stories of accomplishment that men and women achieved for God. So I am trying to tap into those things that God has equipped and gifted me to accomplish. But its still not easy.
I am also hoping to spend some awesome worship, study time with God at the beach. All in all I am planning on blogging my experiences throughout my sabbatical. So hang on for the ride :-)/
By the way, when was the last time you looked back on your life and asked God to show you your milestones..the things you accomplished for Him and with His help? Maybe there are things you have yet to finish for Him. So what are you waiting for?