Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Life Since November

I've been a horrible blogger this winter...too much busyness and not enough time to have coherent thought to write down much.
(By the way the pic is of the hugemongous windmills in western Kansas that you can see if you are driving to Colorado. They are fascinating to me. )

As I posted in my last blog I really was having a hard time slowing down and enjoying life and it got tested to the max this winter. Its been super busy but also filled with many blessings. God has taught me much about resting in Him and letting go of things so HE can do what He desires through me and many times in spite of me. Its been hard to remember that all that I have is His, I am just a steward of it. But I am slowly learning to let go.

Well to start things off my parents came and visited in early December and stayed until the end of the month, which was a treat to have them here with me so long. We had fun puttering around here at my house and working on little things together. Dad built me a most beautiful cabinet for my bathroom...I was needing a bit more storage for towels etc and since he is "retired" and loves to build things I begged and he delivered. What do you think??

They also encouraged me to say goodbye to some old furniture and replace them finally. I have a wing back chair which was my first new furniture buy after graduating from Seminary. It has served me well but it is a bit worn out. I finally gave in and got a new one. They went through the "pain" of going shopping with me and my sitting in about a billion chairs. I felt like Goldilocks :-) You know, too hard, not soft enough, etc. And I don't know why some things become like "friends" and they are hard to let go of. Guess that is why Jesus said to not get attached to things. I do still have my old chair as a "back-up" yeah I am pitiful. But I do love my new rocking-recliner...

In the middle of their visit was our annual Birthday Party for Jesus celebration with the preschoolers. It was fun but a busy week getting things ready for teachers and kids alike.

Next my parents and I traveled to Denver, CO to enjoy time with my brother and his family but also cheer on my niece as she graduated from College Suma Cum Laude :-) VERY proud of her, its been a hard road to travel, lots of obstacles that she had to overcome but she made it. I am so proud of her for sticking with it. Now praying for her to find a great teaching position. That was a huge college graduation. Over 1400 graduates and of course she was in the last group to walk. Goodness! But I have never been to a less dignified graduation. People were walking around, talking in groups (loudly) many walked out as soon as their person graduated. Lots of rudeness. Sad to me that people weren't respectful of the experience for these kids and adults who had worked so very hard. Was very different than my graduations.
(In the pic Sis n Law: Jackie, Heather, and Bro Robert looking uncharacteristically serious, ha ha ha, think it was the LONG wait to see his baby girl walk across that stage.)

After this came back home to get Christmas stuff taken down at church, thankful for those that help us do this year after year. It is such a huge undertaking. Then it was time to gear up for the new year as well as go home to my parents for some time off with them. I "helped" them drive back to SC. Of course when my Dad would let me drive :-) Been a while since I have ridden that far. I don't know why riding is SUCH a tiring thing but wow! I was worn out when I got to mom and dads. We piddled around, shopped and basically were lazy. Mom ended up getting sick so we had to stick to home.

When I got back it was time to hit the ground running with our annual mommy and me event at work. Its always fun to plan and bring to fruition. And of course the most fun is seeing the girls run around and enjoy everything with their mommies. SO much excitement. But since its an overnight event it is also a bit tiring to my Associate and I. It takes a bit to recover from the lack of sleep and the busy-ness of the night. But its always worth it. And we had awesome pics of the night from fab photographer Jana Cotton of Cotton Crop.

And then this week North Texas got slammed with an ice/snow storm along with freezing temps. Coldest in over 20 years. Due to the freezing temps and 0 degree wind chills this stuff isn't going anywhere and we seem stuck in limbo.
Makes me very thankful for the roof over my head and blankets, heat, etc. We take so much for granted.

So in a nutshell this has been my life in the interim. Of course I am leaving out big chunks of things but it would take hours if I listed them all. But I hope you have enjoyed this snippet of my life over the last 2 months. Its been a crazy ride but fun memories have been made.


Anonymous said...


I really like the cabinet . . . wish I had some of those woodworking skills. And you cracked me up with your reference to Goldilocks. I can totally see you doing that!

Sherry said... dad has "skills" :-) I am thankful for his talents. And yeah the Goldilocks thing totally happened. My poor parents.

Amy said...

Whew! Tired just thinking about all that. But the new cabinet is WONDERFUL and you DID get to make some great memories! I totally get the "Goldilocks" thing. My problem is usually that the ones that feel JUST RIGHT, don't go with anything in my living room! :)
Love ya Kiddo!

Sherry said...

Girl...I don't have anything on you for reasons to be tired. You my friend have been through boot camp on that score...and yes I did get to make some fabulous memories. The chair thing I can totally relate to..that is what kept happening..finally went back to my first choice and it was the best one...of course. :-)
love and hugs back to you my friend