Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memories of Junior High

I recently read something about one of the junior highs that I attended for the brief time we lived in Olathe, Kansas. It started me reminiscing. It was the seventies and it was a great time of fun, learning, and joy for me but also MOVING. We moved four times in the 70's. From the "city" of Rocky Mount, NC to the "country" in Rocky Mount, NC, Rocky Mount to Kansas, Kansas to Rocky Mount NC, Rocky Mount NC to Fayetteville, NC. No my dad was not in the military, but in the computer software, programming industry. Lots of buy outs of companies he worked for etc.

This is a pic of me during the seventies with my cute cousin Debbie. They were visiting for Christmas.

It was a time for celebrating our bi-centennial as a nation. I remember the most awesome fireworks and music from my home towns celebration on the river.

It was a time for attending some fun baseball games with my family and friends. It was during the "reigns" of George Brett, Freddie Patek, Darrel Porter. Those were awesome games.

It was a time of intense family "wars" playing Risk :-) Can you say the country of Irkutsk ??

I learned to bowl in junior high...thanks to my awesome family friends Chris and Taylor

I got to see a movie double feature with my brother and our friends:
Close Encounters of the Third Kind and a new Sci Fi "trilogy" Star Wars

Riding around in my aunts boyfriend's camaro. Jerry used to pop wheelies...scared the bejeebers out of me :-)

My brother getting his driver's license and getting his green VW Beetle.

Our first "video" games...our Atari set for home.

My all time favorite..was going skating at the skating rink. Our skating rink wasn't wooden floors. We had the "new fangled" fiberglass coated cement floors...you could FLY. But just don't get water on the floor...can you say W I P E O U T. And of course the newest rage: Disco Ball.

Then my love...music. I had so many favorite artists that I LOVED to listen to
these album covers are depictions of just a few.

So junior high moved into high school and ushered in the new era of the eighties. I survived them both and also had a blast in them.
So what are some of your favorite Junior High Memories?

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