Sunday, August 29, 2010

Would you stop?

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Today our lesson in our Lil' Sprouts (or children's church for those that don't know) was about the Good Samaritan. Now whenever we hear this lesson its easy to hear character descriptions and basically say: "Okay, I am kind to my neighbor. Or that's not me, that's the Priest and the Levite, you know a Preacher, Minister." Well, if you are a follower of Jesus then yes you are a minister according to what Paul says in the New Testament. But specifically I was reminded again that my job title is Minister and it always makes me wonder. Would I stop? Would I help a anyone basically beaten and stripped who was on the "wrong" side of town when I was in a hurry to get somewhere? Right now I would have to say: I truly don't know. Shocking isn't it? Hard to admit that even to myself. I pray that I would; that God's Spirit that resides in me would overcome any fears I might have for my own safety to help someone in need. I have in the past done things to help others but not to this extreme; but would I take them to a hotel and fork out the money for a doctor and their hotel? That is what happens in the story and in essence that is what this story translates to in our culture today.
There are TONS of other things from this story to glean from as well: such as the man who was beaten was a Samaritan and Samaritans were despised or pariah to the Jews. I wonder who my "Samaritan" would be or should I say is...?
Lots of things to ponder from this lesson. Who says Adults can't learn anything from Preschool Children's Church Lessons? Guess it depends on whether you want to take anything away with you or not??

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