Monday, November 2, 2009

My Favorite Games To Play As a Child

What games did you like to play as a child? Yes I lived in the days before we had Nintendo etc. So we had all those funny manual games. Like Pick up sounds and looks SO easy but HA! Was SO not!!!

Do you recognize Jax?? TOTALLY addicted to it as a kid..of course when we had recess during elementary school there were groups of us (mostly girls) playing these and trying to be the one who was able to pick up the most Jax during one bounce. I also loved playing these with my mom and memory.
What about Operation?? Do you remember trying to get that little funny bone out of the slot?? too funny

Then there's this board game. Risk was an all time fave board game for our whole family to play when I was growing up. We would choose sides, usually boys vs. girls and go for it. The funniest part was trying to say the names of the countries: like Irkutsk for example. In college we picked up playing
this game and had killer tournaments. We were out for blood. I didn't win much but when I did it was SO FUN rubbing it in.

Another childhood fave board game was Clue. Loved trying to figure out who done i
t. Loved the move too! Have you seen it? If you loved the board game you have to rent it and watch. Totally hilarious.

Then finally I guess it was middle school when Pac Man and Ms Pac Man came and then my dad took the plunge and bought Atari for our TV...too funny!! I think he
played more than my brother or I ever did. Favorite games for this system were Pong, Bricks, Asteroids, and yes the early Pac Man. Can you imagine?? But I think the one we had wasn't color like this pic, it was black and white.

So....what was your favorite game as a child or teen? And why was it fun for you??