Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Current Reading List or My Stack of Books

I love books, just ask those who work with me and they will attest to the 4 bookshelves pretty well packed with books. And I have given away or traded tons, but I still have gobs. I have equally as many here at home. The problem is I am pretty ADD when it comes to reading books. Unless they hook me and speak to a situation I am going through or give me information that I need for the moment it is hard for me to stick with a book til the end in one sitting or even one week. In other words it takes me a while to finish it. But does that keep me from buying other books before I finish that one. No way! Onward and upward. Right now I have 3 books that I am working through: The Blogging Church (which, by the way, I have been disappointed in. It fails to take you beyond the basic argument of why to blog. Although they give you great examples of successful church bloggers and they even tell you the skeletal basics of how to set one up. They just don't truly help you with details. But I am only 3/4 of the way through it so maybe they will redeem themselves) Benjamin Franklin, an American Life which I have loved. I love Colonial History probably because I grew up surrounded by it in my home state of North Carolina. So reading about Benjamin Franklin was the next much anticipated read. Have also read about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington's lives. Franklin was so very creative always looking at the possibilities of things. Plus an avid communicator and writer. But he wasn't the godly upstanding man that most have painted him. Very much a rascal and carouser. But still much to learn from his life. I will blog more about that soon. And then finally a fun fiction read Boo Hiss.

I have attached a pic of my stack. Some books are to help with my ministry some are just for my reading fun. Other essentials for reading that I use while reading are the post it bookmark flags, and post it cards which are somewhat new to me, I used to use the big post it notepads. And of course my stack of pens and highlighters. These are all there for me to be able to jot down information,ideas or thoughts as I am reading. Or I tend to forget the profound thoughts that I have while reading ha! or at least profound to me.

So what are you reading right now? Is it inspiring you, challenging you, making you laugh?


Mike Tucker said...

Love your list. Read the top two and agree with your assessment. Now reading all of Wm F Buckley's fictional series about CIA agent Blackford Oakes. I miss WFB and his wit and prose.

Mike Tucker

Emily said...

I love to read too, and I am just like you. It better catch me quick, or I am passing it up for a better read:) The books I am currently reading are not very inspiring unless you are in the same situation, but can't wait to recommend some more soon. Very curious - what in the world is the killing roaches book about?

Sherry said...

am so glad others' can relate to my stack :-) And Emily here's a link to info about the book Killing Cockroaches
I really enjoy reading tony morgan's blog as well. great leadership stuff :-)

Ray said...

"A History of the English Speaking Peoples" Churchill. I'm not going to finish that one until I retire.
"the Cuckoo's Egg" it's real, and it's very scary
"Lincoln on Leadership" was the best leadership book I've ever read, and I read it years ago.
"Shift" a real estate book
"Grand WEaver" Zacharias
"Death by Church"
and one of my favorites: "Ragamuffin Gospel"

Amy M. Fry said...

Hey Fellow Well-Read Woman! Again, not only music in common, but love of the printed word as well.
I'm reading 'The Traveler's Gift' by Andy Andrews and a who-done-it by Parker, cuz it's fun and quick. 'The Traveler's Gift' I'm purposely going slow on cuz I don't want to miss a THING, and I'm highlighting and taking notes too. LOVE IT. And yes, I read 'The Noticer' first, twice! Am going to start 'Churched' by Matthew Paul Turner as soon as I'm done with Andy's book. Have a bunch more fiction from our incredible library for fun reading in my book stash shelf!