Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dreaded Migraine

This last week and weekend was busy with a capitol "B" and then capped off with Sunday which started really early as in 4 am with my running to get ready for our Kindergarten graduation that began at 8:30 and of course we had our usual morning activities. Then that afternoon we geared up for our Bible Study leaderhip training and meeting which didn't end until 9:15 pm or so. So was it a stressful weekend? Most assuredly. So after all of the stress of the day it should have been no surprise to be awakened by a pounding headache and pressure behind my left eye. But dummy me not tuning into the weekend that I had, had got up and took meds for what I thought was just a sinus headache. But of course three hours later I was awakened to more intense pain. You know the kind: can't move your head for fear you are going to throw up? And then I knew it wasn't a sinus headache it was the dreaded migraine. So I got up to take my meds for it....but of course not recognizing the culprit early it really was too late I knew I was going to have to ride it out and let it run its course. Which meant no light, no sound, and laying VERY still. And this was an ugly one. It is is still with me: nagging pain, weak eyes, sensitivity to light and sound. And its been over 2 days.

Does this sound familiar to you? Migraines are so debilitating. I remember the first one I had was when I was in seminary. It scared me to death. It was mid-terms and I of course had tests and papers due. Can you say STRESSFUL! Anyway, while I was at work I noticed that I couldn't see well out of one eye. It was like someone had taken some oil and dropped in my eye and smeared it in a big circle so I couldn't see through the center but only around the edges. (here is an example on the right of what you "see" or dont' see ) There was also intense pressure and pain behind that eye. Sounds wierd I know but it was a classic ocular migraine. However, I thought I was going blind in that eye. It was scary.

Such is the world of migraines. They are sneaky and hit like a ton of bricks. Unfortunately after all these years I still haven't figured out all of my triggers. And yes I have noticed that high stress is a trigger, but not all of the time. But that is the key you see to helping to prevent them, finding your triggers. So if you suffer from migraines. You have my deepest sympathy. If you don't but know others that do, take pity. They really aren't something you can just "get over" and get on with it. They truly can knock you flat and take a while to recover from .
So what did I learn from all of this? That I need to be kind to myself during high stress times. Need to take more breaks, walk, and get PLENTY of sleep. But this is a process for me as I muddle through the sea of migraine symptoms and preventatives. But I am not going to give up trying to become migraine free. :-)

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